The ASMBS 30th Anniversary

Congratulating Leadership

Thirty Members Who
Made a Difference

1983 - 1992

Edward E. Mason, MD, PhD

Founder of ASBS and godfather of gastric restrictive operations for severe obesity.

J. Patrick O’Leary, MD

Published extensively on JI bypass including key papers that led to its abandonment as a viable bariatric operation.

Douglas S. Hess, MD

Independently adapted the BPD/duodenal switch from an anti bile reflux operation to a bariatric operation.

Picard Marceau, MD

Senior surgeon and founder of the largest bariatric surgery practice in Canada. Published extensively on BPD/duodenal switch.

Robert E. Brolin, MD

Published randomized study on limb length effect on weight loss in RNY gastric bypass. Extensively worked on long term care of patients, outcome measurements and handling of complications, as well as with adolescents.

Harvey J. Sugerman, MD

Several landmark contributions/publications including randomized comparison of VBG vs RNYGB, pulmonary function in obesity hypoventilation syndrome, and more.

Walter J. Pories, MD

Senior author of numerous landmark papers on longitudinal weight loss outcome after RNY gastric bypass and the response of type 2 diabetes to surgically induced weight loss.

Michael G Sarr, MD 

Brought bariatric surgery to the Mayo Clinic. Author of many important papers on bariatric experience.

Mathias Fobi, MD

Developed method of prosthetic reinforced pouch (Fobi pouch) in RY gastric bypass. Hosted annual winter bariatric surgery conference in Southern CA for many years.

Nicola Scopinaro, MD

Independently developed the concept of biliopancreatic diversion as a primary bariatric operation. His scientific evaluation of this procedure is unparalleled for a single investigator of a specific operation. Founder of IFSO.

1993 - 2002

Eric Demaria, MD

Multiple important publications including his risk score, OS-MRS and summaries of BOLD data.
Also recognized for his body of research, his OS-MRS score and his contributions to the ASMBS.

Kelvin Higa, MD

Popularized hand sewing anastomosis lap RNY.

Bruce Wolfe, MD

Highlighted the importance of research and gave us some of the early work on effects of laparoscopic bypass in the morbidly obese.

Paul O’Brien, MD

Contributions to comorbidity reduction, low BMI studies using lap band

Henry Buchwald, MD, PhD

Served as Chair of the Surgical Council of the American College of Nutrition (1976) and President of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity (IFSO) (2003-2004). He is Chair of the American College of Surgeons' National Faculty for Bariatric Surgery (2003-present).

Alan C. Wittgrove, MD

Performed the first laparoscopic gastric bypass, and opened up the world's eyes to the possibilities of what could be done through bariatric surgery.

George Fielding, MD

Published more than 150 journal articles, abstracts and book chapters. With over 10,000 laparoscopic surgeries, Dr. Fielding is the most highly experienced bariatric surgeon in the country. He’s performed over 6,000 surgical weight loss procedures, and trained thousands of physicians across the globe in the latest bariatric surgery techniques. Dr. Fielding has performed more adolescent bariatric procedures than almost any other surgeon.

Michel Gagner, MD

Developed many laparoscopic innovations and for discovering the sleeve gastrectomy.

John G. Gleysteen, MD

Lead author on first paper showing improvement of lipid profile after RY gastric bypass.

Jaques Himpens, MD

Leader in European obesity surgery. Performed the first telesurgical procedure in the world.

2003 - 2013

Raul Rosenthal, MD

Founder of Bariatric Times. Host of annual Surgery of the Foregut conference.

Ninh Nguyen, MD

A prolific author. Evaluated effects of laparoscopy in the morbidly obese and providing critical evaluations of the different procedures.

Jaime Ponce, MD

Published journal articles, abstracts and book chapters in well known journals such as including publications in Annals of Surgery, Archives of Surgery, Journal of the American College of Surgeons, Obesity Surgery Journal and Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases Journal. Principal investigator for five FDA clinical studies with the Lap-Band, the Realize Band, and the Duo Intragastric Balloon.

Robin Blackstone, MD

Led a profound change in the direction the society’s quality program. She spearheaded the transition away from using the SRC and crafted a long-term unified program with the American College of Surgeons (ACS). A founding Board Member of the Obesity Action Coalition.

Alfons Pomp, MD

The site co-investigator in a recently awarded multi-million dollar NIH/NIDDK research grant as one of only 6 clinical centers in the United States that are part of the Bariatric Surgery Clinical Research Consortium. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed studies and book chapters.

Philip R. Schauer, MD

Co-directed landmark Diabetes Surgery Summit 2007, achieved name change to ASMBS, launched Obesity Week, performed 6000+ bariatric procedures, trained hundreds of surgeons and more than 70 fellows, published more than 300 peer review articles. He is the principal investigator of STAMPEDE, first RCT comparing bariatric surgery with intense medical treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Ricardo Cohen, MD

One of the premier metabolic surgeons in the world - his work with diabetes is recognized by many researchers. He helped spearhead the research, publications, and concept of bariatric surgery

John Morton, MD

Author of several important papers on robotics and other outcomes. Leader in improving patient access to bariatric surgery.

Natan Zundel, MD

Early instructor and adopter of laparoscopic bariatric techniques.

Scott Shikora, MD

Authored Bariatric Surgery Compedium. An important educator in evolution of lap RYGB.

Honorable Mentions

Lubomyr I. Kuzmak, MD

John Kral, MD

John D. Halverson, MD

John H. Linner, MD

Lloyd D. McLean, MD

George S. M. Cowan, Jr., MD

Alex M.C. Macgregor, MD

Henry Laws, MD

Mervyn Deitel, MD

Raymond Drew, MD

Ken Printen, MD

Raphael Capella, MD

Kathleen Renquist

Sayeed Ikramuddin, MD

Wesley Clark, MD

Karl Miller, MD

Rudolf Weiner, MD, PhD

Wayne English, MD

Emma Patterson, MD

Sam Szomstein, MD

Keith Kim, MD

John Dixon, MD

Helmuth Billy, MD

David Provost, MD

Jeff Allen, MD

Bipan Chand, MD

Luigi Angrisani, MD

Antonio Torres, MD

Stacy Brethauer, MD

Christine Ren, MD

Almino Ramos, MD

Methodology of Thirty Members Who Made A Difference
ASMBS leadership  were asked to provide a list of members who made a difference by decade. After the list was compiled, the leadership was asked  to vote on their selections. The top 10 in each decade are listed above although there were many members whose contributions were noted.