The ASMBS 30th Anniversary

2007-08 ASMBS President

Kelvin Higa, MD

Most Important Event of the Year

Changing the Society's name from the American Society for Bariatric Surgery (ASBS,) to The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS).

I think the most important event that occurred during my presidency was started by Phil Schauer – that was changing of our name from the ASBS to ASMBS. The concept of “metabolic” surgery as defined by Henry Buchwald and illuminated by Walter Pories and many others was a turning point for us as a society.

From its inception, the ASBS/ASMBS has been different from many other professional organizations.┬áIts purpose was not to become an authority unto itself or to define a specialty for self-promotion or preservation. It was not mired in the status quo or resistant to new ideas or innovation. The ASBS/ASMBS has and, I hope, will continue to be the voice and instrument for the patients we serve – individuals who have been too long ignored by society and the medical profession as a whole. No other medical organization has been as dedicated to patient advocacy and resolute in its mission to promote health. The ASMBS is not an organization made up of individuals; it is a family sharing a common vision.

Kelvin Higa, MD